About Me

Naomi is currently working as a middle school science teacher in a private school in Toronto.

She earned a Bachelors of Chemical Engineering at McGill University, and almost completed a Masters in Environmental Engineering at the University of Toronto.  Alas, she decided that engineering was not the right fit, and within a short span of time had an acceptance at teacher’s college, and a job offer – teaching was the right choice.

Naomi spent several years teaching Gifted students, and then taught chemistry and physics at a private high school in Toronto for over 10 years. In fact, she was a web design and computer teacher when most people had only just heard of the Internet.  She took some time off to have kids, but never stopped learning.  Somehow she ended up back in the classroom, where she is now.

Naomi was an early adapter of technology from a young age.  She’s programmed computers using bubble and punch cards, and had her first home computer 5 years before she could drive.  At that time, believe it or not, they were rare! Her first online experience involved an phone handset and an acoustic coupler, and she has been online for over 20 years.

Naomi has always endeavoured to engage her students, and was the first teacher to offer email access to students, back when email wasn’t ubiquitous.  As a lifelong learner, she is a champion of technology, and works with staff to help them integrate 21st century tools in their daily teaching. She is encouraging, and has motivated even the most technologically fearful teachers to go beyond their comfort zone and try new tools.

Naomi is a Level 1 Google educator with a strong interest in educational technology.  She is constantly trying new tools and integrating new ideas to enhance student learning and enhance critical thinking. She is known to motivate her students love for learning, many who come back years later to thank her for preparing them for their future.  She has given Workshops with students, parents, and other educators on new technologies and best practices in technology integration.

Naomi spends her free time drawing, painting, cooking and learning.  She adores her 3 children, and spends her summers dragging them all over the world.